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Art Direction

Common Sense

To depict the importance of love that can heal broken common sense.

Create a visual direction to explain the broken common sense visually with designed words.

When some people are depressed, their common senses are broken. Therefore, the love from friends and acquaintances able to restore them.

Artist Statement
Fear or depression can destroy some people’s common sense. Once common sense is broken, all is lost and almost loses everything. Everything is so erratic. The animated story depicts the broken common sense. Love can restore the common sense to its original state. Love comes from God and through the compassionate people who shower their love and concern to the depressed. Thus, I conclude that love can gradually recover one’s common sense who seek and is opened to receive help.

Thank you for your patience to read.

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Mysterious Lane

Everything looks red yet questionable
Living in the narrow tight lane
Trapped in the red zone
Notice the dim bright exit zone
Welcoming destination
Believing the crossover to the next stage
Leave the dangerous lane

One day, my son informed the flying insect flew into our house through the opened window. It entered into our room. As we chase it, it hid behind the cabinet. We couldn’t reach it. So we called his dad to catch it. Thus my husband took the broom. Upon observing it, the sense intrigues me to take my camera and capture its sensation. My actions astound him. Towards him, it’s nothing special. However, I feel satisfied to capture an interesting series of images.

Readers, thank you for your time to read and enjoy this inspiration.

Thoughts into Actions

To visualize and animate the transition from thoughts and actions.

Animating the transition of thoughts into actions.

Artist Statement
There are too many distractions in the world. Looking and interpreting our surroundings based on differing family backgrounds trigger different emotions. Such emotions lead to different thoughts. Our thoughts tend to lead us to certain actions. Therefore, we need to beware of our thoughts. Good thoughts bring positive thoughts and emotions for our whole being. Thus it is accompanied by cheerful actions. Negative thoughts lead to fear and even other negative feelings. Once the negative thoughts flow down into our heart, the effect is disaster to our psychological beings. Fear paralyzes us. It is enough to immobilize us from taking actions. Hence, fear tends to shut down our body system. In conclusion, there is a need to check our thoughts. Or else, we are confused with too many mixed emotions.

Is your actions faster than your thoughts? Or do your words faster than your actions?

Thank you for your patience to read.

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